This project was a collaboration between myself, Mckenna Strain, Martin Resendiz, and Tia Torres.

My roles were in logo design, illustration, packaging, and art direction.


Through its recent acquisition of Favor, HEB has created an opportunity to further its brand with the addition of a meal kit service. Hometable is a proposed extension of HEB that explores the unique marketplace of meal kit delivery in a local setting. Hometable utilizes existing HEB brand guidelines while differentiating itself to standout amongst its competitors.


At Hometable we provide a community-driven service that guarantees fresh, quality ingredients in a meal kit packaged straight from your local grocer.


Hometable's voice is elevated while still maintaining

the neighborly, welcoming tone Texans have come to know and love from their local HEB.

Mkenna Strain

Martin Resendiz

Tia Torres

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