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Commonly seen in children with developmental disorders like ADHD and Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder is a neurological condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses.It is not currently recognized as a distinct medical diagnosis. While it is beginning to be acknowledged by the special needs and parenting communities, resources pertaining to SPD are still few and far-between.

"Sensory issues can make a child’s bath time experiences very intense. The tactile input of warm water, foamy bubbles, and slippery soap mixes with the smell of shampoo. The sound of splashing water bounces from the ceramic tiles to the porcelain sink and tub. Children with a sensory processing disorder have brains that can’t sort all of that out to make sense of what is happening. The intensity and quality of the sensations themselves can be distressing to their differently-wired brains."

- Nancy Peske

the opportunity 

There are no existing hygiene brands that cater specifically to the issues sensory processing disorder creates for kids at bath-time.

my goal

To create a brand that provides sensory friendly bath-products and equipment for children while also creating a community for parents and caregivers.

the solution 

Bubbleboat Bath Company is a personal hygiene brand for children with sensory processing issues. 

They aim to make bathing an easier, safer experience while teaching self-care values that will last a lifetime.

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Bubbleboat is the only company that provides sensory friendly bath products and equipment for children while simultaneously creating a network of support for parents and caretakers.


Bubbleboat’s brand voice consists of informative language presented in a calm, casual tone to connect with it’s customers and assure to them that they will always find support with Bubbleboat. Bubbleboat is never condescending, judgemental or unapproachable.

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